Memphis Magazine October 2012

{L to R} Jenny Turner Koltnow, Rosalind Martin, Chelsea Boozer, Lori Spicer, Dr. Mary Relling

photography by Larry Kuzniewski

Meet five women who are making a difference in Memphis. Read more



photograph by Larry Kuzniewski

Two West Berliners share their appreciation of Memphis with a monthlong exhibition. Read more


William R. Moore School of Technology in the 1940s

All photographs courtesy of Special Collections, University of Memphis Libraries

Dear Vance: Who was William R. Moore, and why does he have a downtown building and a school on Poplar named after him? — m.k., memphis. Dear M.K.: Not only that, but he has what I consider ... Read more

Ask Vance

Memphis retailers are full of must-have menswear styles, leather pieces, polka dots,  and print designs — all in seasonal colors.  Structured tailoring and looser casual wear is still very chic. Go... Read more


photograph by Farang | Dreamstime

Who should raise their sales taxes to pay for schools – the city, the county, or both? Read more



photograph by Amy Walters | Dreamstime

We have more to worry about than gay marriage. Read more



photograph by Susanne Neal | Dreamstime

Both parties say they want to help the middle class, but nobody seems to be speaking my language. Read more


Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman in front of Hog & Hominy with the establishment's management and culinary leaders.

photography by Justin Fox Burks

Hog & Hominy rocks seasonal cocktails, farm-fresh sides, and an innovative pizza menu. Read more


The Memphis Dawls performing at the 2012 Cooper-Young Festival main stage.

photograph by Jusint Fox Burks

The Memphis Dawls are poised for the big time. Read more


Modern artwork brightens the home's great room.

photography by Andrea Zucker

A home boldly different from its neighbors is tucked away in Central Gardens. Read more