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Our annual guide to the city's movers, shakers, and other news-makers. 

Making our annual list of “Who’s Who in Memphis” isn’t easy. It’s much more than just doing a great job wherever you happen to work. College degrees and board memberships play no role in our selection process. Prizes and professional honors don’t count — though a Nobel Prize always helps (that would Dr. Peter Doherty with St. Jude, several years ago). Instead, we strive to look at the “big picture” and wonder: What has this person done for Memphis? How has he or she shaped our city in the past, and how is this person guiding Memphis towards a brighter future? Being a “news-maker” seems pretty obvious, but we can’t really define what a “mover” is, or a “shaker, for that matter. But if we think you are truly important to the life of our city, and have had a lasting impact on the lives around you, then we congratulate you, and we add your name (and an all-too-brief bio) to the select group you’ll find on these pages.  


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