Memphis Magazine April 2011


Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not. Read more

Ask Vance

Thirty-five years can seem an eternity in the life of a city— and a city magazine. In both cases, we have made such huge advances that we might not even recognize the way we worked, lived, and played ... Read more


Dr. William Falvey

Amie Vanderford

A unique art exhibit aims to draw readers to great literature. Read more


Earling Jensen: Chefs Karen Roth and Erling Jensen with some of the featured attractions at their newly constructed bar.

Justin Fox Burks

Small plates have it all: taste, personality, and pretty as a picture. Read more


When Memphis offers incentives for companies to move here, what exactly are we getting in return? Read more


Elvis Presley and a student nurse from Baptist College of Nursing — circa late 1950s

photograph used by permission — Baptist Memorial Healthcare archives

Thanks to the local medical society, Memphis medicine gets an up-to-date, comprehensive history. Read more


As stocks recover, local experts could say, “We told you so.” At least for the time being. Read more


Two new albums showcase the early days of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Read more


Age is really just a state of mind. Read more


Betha Gill with Tom and Ellen Prewitt

Evarist O’Neill


Elvis at Overton Park Shell August 5, 1955.

Photo by Robert W. Dye © Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

The story of the King's passing, as told in our September 1977 issue. Read more


Movers & Shakers of the Past Three Decades: A Special Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Photo Essay Read more



Larry Kuzniewski

To the one and only Larry Kuzniewski, who's captured the city's faces and places for nearly four decades, Memphis is home. Read more