Memphis Magazine, May 2019

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"Knowledge is power." That's the way things worked for centuries. But might the digital revolution be changing how humans think? Read more


May's Very Short Story Contest Winner Read more


Memphis knows to keep doing the things it does best, and a big part of what this city does best is food. In this new series, “Classic Dining,” Michael Donahue explores dishes that are legendary on the local dining scene. Read more


The West Institute Gala at The Guest House at Graceland featured Kristin Chenoweth. Read more


Dear Vance: Where was the little restaurant called the Salad Bowl? I remember eating there a few times in the 1970s. — E.G., Memphis. Read more

Ask Vance

"I want to take people on a food voyage," says chef Eli Townsend. Read more


Choose a palette of plants that can live year-round in Memphis. Read more


Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not. Well, sometimes. Read more

Ask Vance

Dr. Jennifer Morrow is engaged in the battle to help women fight cardiovascular disease. Read more


Our May cover model, Lily Bear, shares her experience voguing for the sno cone (and also for the camera). Read more

The Memo

A family of lawyers with eclectic tastes makes their home in the heart of the city. Read more


Hey Memphis, looking for a vacation spot? It’s closer than you think! Read more

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Throughout his 10 years at the helm, Dr. John Smarrelli has worked to give students at Christian Brothers University the best possible platform for success. Read more


From his roots in fine dining, chef Zach Nicholson lands on a perfect food: Japanese-style ramen. Read more


CBD has gained momentum as a natural remedy. Yes, for your pets too. Read more

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