Update Thursday, April 4th:  Congratulations to our winners, Sarah, Melissa, Kris, and Shawn! Enjoy your Memphis Fashion Weekend booty! MFW is starting now; head to to fin... Read more


Having seen the cover of this month’s Memphis, I think you’ll agree that this particular issue has, shall we say, an unusual look. But that’s only fitting, given that this month’s cover story explo... Read more



illustration by jBurak Çakmak | Dreamstime

One man's salute to a month that matters. Read more



photograph by Justin Fox Burks

The story behind another famous landmark. Read more


The Dixon pulls out all the stops for this one-of-a-kind show. Read more



Dinosaur photographs courtesy Douglas Weathers

Dear Vance: Sometime in the late 1960s my parents took our family to an amazing exhibit of dinosaurs set up outside, in a big parking lot somewhere in Memphis. Do you know where this took place, an... Read more

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Nothing says “Spring Fever” like a sunny day and colorful clothes. Throw a handsome boy into the mix and you’ve got an outbreak of pandemonium, all in the name of fashion. Our scheduled shoot was s... Read more

On the road with adventurer/writer Shelby Tucker. Read more


The handsome lobby with original walnut paneling and hand-carved ceilings offers a grand welcome as it has for 90 years.

photographs by Andrea Zucker

With historic charm and modern touches, the Parkview gives retirees a taste of both worlds. Read more



Photos by Lance Murphey/Memphis in May

The Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, scheduled May 16 to 18 in downtown’s Tom Lee Park, is getting user-friendly. For the first time, visitors will be able to judge b... Read more



photo courtesy Rick Brazier

I'm sure you read our February Restaurant Guide from cover to cover, because it's pretty much all anybody has been talking about, whenever I attend parties, wakes, and barn-raisings (whew, it's bee... Read more

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<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> If the idea of Jack Kerouac attending a wine tasting makes you giggle just a little, Friday night’s event at Malco Ridgewa... Read more


Day boat scallops at Paulette's are plated with an apple cider gastrique.

Justin Fox Burks

We decided it was time for a fresh look at Paulette’s, now that the popular restaurant is comfortably settled into its downtown home at the Inn at the River.   The restaurant, along with it... Read more


 It's yucky outside but fashion is springing up in the 1980s. I am literally obsessed with these items that can be found here in Memphis — the printed denim is from newcomer to Saddle Creek, Madewe... Read more


The spacious and abundantly stocked Poplar Plaza Kroger in East Memphis opens today at 6 a.m., and here’s my advice: Go shopping immediately and don't even try to restrain impulse purchases.   ... Read more


Spring Break would not be complete without plenty of cute boys and there have been LOTS representing Memphis lately. For the March issue of Memphis magazine, I went off the cuff and produced an all... Read more


Local cue-lovers who frequent the Memphis Barbecue Co. in Horn Lake won’t be surprised by this accomplishment: Melissa Cookston and Yazzo’s Delta Q, her storied competitive cooking team, have won t... Read more



photo by Wilson Weathers

In our March issue, I tell about the time mighty dinosaurs came to Memphis — in the form of lifesize fiberglass replicas of "thunder lizards" that were originally part of a terrific display created... Read more

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Cortona Chef Nate Olivia, a former chef de cuisine at Erling Jensen, cooks in his new kitchen in Cooper-Young.

Crystall Russell

Here's a perfect pairing of my dual roles as writer and teacher: One of my journalism students at the University of Memphis writes an excellent food story. In this case, the writer is Crystal Russe... Read more



photo courtesy Bonnie and Nick Kourvelas

In our February Dining Guide, I told readers — yes, I'm talking about you — about two well-known but long-gone dining establishments in Memphis: Foppiano's Grille on South Main, and the New York Ca... Read more

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