Memphis Magazine, February 2019

Memphis Magazine, February 2019

Michael Donahue captures the mood at a gala where the Four Tops received an Outstanding Achievement Award. Read more


Sartorial storytelling on the streets of Memphis. Read more


Vance Lauderdale may not provide the answers you seek. But he probably won't lie to you. Read more

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Reflections from a longtime member of the KISS Army as the “End of the Road” tour hits Memphis. Read more


February's Very Short Story Contest Winner. Read more


Memphis knows to keep doing the things it does best, and a big part of what this city does best is food. In this new series, “Classic Dining,” Michael Donahue explores dishes that are legendary on the local dining scene. Read more


With the Memphis Express, pro football returns to Memphis. Read more


Some thoughts on wonder, simplicity, and marking time. Read more


An unusual advertisement from a 1908 guidebook poses a real riddle for our history columnist. Can he solve it? Maybe, maybe not. Read more

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February is the best time to prepare for a mid- to late-summer hydrangea performance. Read more


Chef Christopher Hudson elevates home cooking at Mahogany Memphis. Read more


History lessons and outdoor excursions await at this Arkansas destination. Read more


  • Memphis Magazine, February 2019

    Memphis Magazine, February 2019