Ask Vance December 2012


photo courtesy Bonnie Daws Kourvelas

Look what my pal Bonnie Daws Kourvelas has turned up — some rare interior shots of the Luau, the Polynesian-themed restaurant that stood on Poplar across from East High School. Bonnie, who atte... Read more

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photo by Don Boatright

A few days ago I received an interesting query from reader Cynthia Raleigh: "During the process of scanning my family's old photographs, I came across a collection of my Dad's photos taken whil... Read more

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ad courtesy Memphis Press-Scimitar

Flipping through the pages of the Memphis Press-Scimitar on a Friday afternoon in 1939, readers were probably surprised at the headline they encountered here: "Let's Do Some Kissing, Let's Do Some ... Read more

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Hugo Dixon (fourth from left) during World War I

photo courtesy Shelby County Register / Dixon Gallery and Gardens

My regular readers already know how fond I am of the Shelby County Register of Deeds website. Oh, sure, it contains plenty of great information about deeds. But it also features an entirely separat... Read more

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Image courtesy Key Magazine

Regular readers of this blog — mainly mental patients and state prisoners these days, judging from the letters I receive — know that I have a peculiar fascination with the old clubs and discos that... Read more

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