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I believe I've pondered this issue before, but I was reminded to ponder it again while looking through the curious old ads in the back pages of a Memphis University School yearbook from the late 19... Read more

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In our February issue, I told the dramatic and heart-rending story of the Whistle Bottling Company, a soft-drink manufacturer that operated on South Main in the early 1900s. I ran a  nice photo of ... Read more

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Memphians have gotten into disputes before about the oldest restaurant in town — an argument that usually boils down to the Arcade, the Little Tea Shop, and even Dyer's Hamburgers — depending upon ... Read more

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In the many decades since I've been writing my "Ask Vance" column (begun, as I recall, when I was laid up with my wartime injuries at Kennedy General Hospital), one of the topics often discussed ha... Read more

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Over the years, people have asked me about the curious design of Nagasaki, the Japanese restaurant at 3951 Summer. Others have noticed the rather unusual architecture of Patrick's, a restaurant and... Read more

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Last week, I posted an old Treadwell High School yearbook ad for a barbecue joint on Summer called the Pig Pen, because I just liked the matter-of-fact style of the ad. Well, imagine my surpris... Read more

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Regular readers of my "Ask Vance" column (you know who you are — I'm not allowed to give out the names of state prison inmates) know that my futile search for a decent photo of the exterior of the ... Read more

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