Granite and Marble Services LLC

530 Highway 57, Collierville, Tennessee 38017

530 Highway 57, Collierville, Tennessee 38017
Kitchen and Bath

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Do not choose this company!

We originally picked this company because they had above average reviews and they quoted us a fair price for granite installation. During the removal process of our countertops they ripped off a large piece of sheet rock exposing our pipes behind our kitchen sink. They stated they would fix it when they came a few days later to install the granite so we were not too concerned. Also during the counter/sink removal process they claimed they turned off our water, but when the installers returned 3 days later they discovered a slow leak that had seeped into our cabinets and under our hardwood floors. No one, including the companies’ contracted plumber, could give us an explanation for the leak. To make matters worse the installers did not fully fix the exposed sheet rock they had promised to fix days earlier. We contacted the company that night and sent videos and pictures of the damage. The next day after 2 pm the companies’ owner (Julie) called me to basically inform me that the leak was not her companies fault and I had to file a house claim. She seemed apologetic at the time of the phone call, and stated that the company would do what they could to help because they were a family-owned company who puts their customers first. The only other time I was contacted by the company after that conversation was a few days later requesting final payment for their services. I tried to call Julie again on the phone and she never returned my phone calls, she only responded back via text. The sheet rock they ripped out had not been fully repaired and Julie text that her installers would contact us that day, they never did. Not only did we have to pay our backsplash guy extra to fix our walls, but the company also installed our cooktop crooked. After all of this we had to file a house claim totaling more than $18,000 worth of floor damage from this “mysterious” leak that no one could ever give us a clear answer of the cause. A month and a half after getting the granite installed, our house is still under construction from the floor damage and we have not heard from the company apologizing for anything. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY! The owners seem to not care about their customers but only care about your money and if damage occurs their advice will be to file a house claim.

Ddh more than 4 years ago