Vance Lauderdale

One of the most beautiful buildings in Memphis was demolished to build a post office. more

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How one man walked on water from Cincinnati to New Orleans. more

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"Memphis Castles" shows where the rich and famous -- and some not quite either one, but you've heard of them anyway -- lived. more

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The 1929 Memphis Traffic Code is an interesting look at a bygone age. more

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Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not. Well, sometimes. more

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Midtown’s most elegant neighborhood throws open its doors next month with the Central Gardens Home and Garden Tour. more

Sep 2, 2016 12:00 PM Features

"Scouting in Memphis" examines the long history of the Chickasaw Council, Boy Scouts of America. more

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Found in the scrapbook of a Memphis family, whose grandfather served as a security guard for the old bridge. more

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The prize-winning novelist worked on his classic, From Here to Eternity, while living in a tiny tourist court on Summer. more

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Trying to locate this old gas station in Memphis has been nothing but a headache. more

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Our trivia expert on a Memphis actress and author. more

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In the old days, bodies were stored here until the ground was soft enough for a grave to be opened. more

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Memphians could take their pick of at least two Ohman Ranch House restaurants -- Western dining in the heart of the city. more

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The Madison Avenue location is the better-known of the Britling Cafeterias downtown, here's a view of the smaller Union Avenue location. more

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Forest Hill Cemetery is the last resting place for one of the most notorious doctors in the history of American medicine. more

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One of our city's best neon signs once beckoned customers to Hart's Bakery at Summer and Mendenhall. more

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Susie DeShazo was one of our city's most popular music teachers. more

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Vance Lauderdale

A forgotten landmark at Forest Hill Cemetery, and a curiously named taxi company more

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Remains can still be seen of the original entrance to Forest Hill Cemetery, along with the foundation of the old chapel. more

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Photo courtesy Memphis and Shelby County Room, Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.

Airplanes and pilots from all across America converged on Memphis for the 1910 Aero Meet. more

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