Ask Vance November 2014

Vintage Mr. Bingle memorabilia, including an original doll and one of his newsletters to children, were on display at the Memphis Potters Guild holiday show.

photo by Vance Lauderdale

Members of the Memphis Potters Guild paid special tribute to the popular Christmas puppet at their holiday show. more

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photo courtesy Balton Sign Company

The Riviera Grill was as famous for its sign as for its food. more

Nov 20, 2014 11:02 AM Ask Vance


postcard courtesy Mindy Thompson

It burned in the 1950s, but Memphians still have fond memories of a supper club called the Silver Slipper. more

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photo courtesy Mark Johnson

A Safety Patrol boy stops students from crossing a busy street in this undated photo. And a friend of mine asks: What school is it? more

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photo by Vance Lauderdale

Ernest Withers spent most of his life capturing Memphis with his camera, so it only makes sense that a camera-shaped tombstone marks his grave in Elmwood Cemetery. more

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Photo courtesy Special Collections, University of Memphis Libraries

In 1975, a Memphis driver made a dramatic entrance at the Julius Lewis store on Union. more

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