Home on the Circle G Ranch

For a moment in time, Elvis Presley’s retreat from superstardom was the Circle G Ranch in Mississippi.


Shara Clark is senior editor of Memphis magazine. A graduate of the University of Memphis, she writes about people, places, and things that have made a mark on the Bluff City.

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Gun Club

I notice you didn't mention him opening it, as a members only country club, and selling LIFETIME Memberships, then closing it two years later. He rented his horses, even green broke horses, to children, one of which, was hurt on a green broke horse and spent six weeks in a coma. He also did not even make a contact with the child, nor the child's family and nobody knew he owned it.

Booga Boogity more than 1 year ago


To the comment or above, I've lived in the area all my life and I've never heard of the above stories. I'm not saying that they didn't happen, I just find it strange that I've never heard even a whisper of these story's. And if all of your allegations are true, I also find it hard to believe that Elvis would have ignored what happened or what was going on, injury to a child and selling lifetime memberships then shutting the doors. However, it does sound a lot like some that Colonel Parker would have done in Elvis's absence.

Nunya more than 1 year ago


The lifetime memberships to the country club were sold well after Elvis sold the property to a new owner so Elvis had nothing to do with opening a country club and then closing it down.

Nunya more than 1 year ago

Booga Boogity

Can you go away now? Why are you the "source" on all things Elvis, that noone else has heard? This is a fantastic, magazine article here and you think your ignorant, unintelligent remarks are gonna take a thing away from it? So what have you ever done for anyone? You know how many surgeries kids have had, that Elvis paid for, but did so anonymously?? So IF your little fairytale were accurate, "Elvis Presley buys/opens a gunclub"!....are you kidding me?! Big Whoop!!?? Wheres the crime?! Oh! Then he sells it??...imagine such a horrible crime being committed! Go away and find a life!!..
Leave Elvis' alone!!

Debbie Rivera more than 1 year ago