When Donald Trump Took Down Holiday Inns

Almost 30 years before Donald Trump became a force in the 2016 Presidential campaign, 2,500 Memphians lost their jobs because of him.



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Trump is "ruthless" for buying some stock?

Based on this article, the only thing Trump did was buy stock in a company he thought had value. That's what investors do. I'm don't know what's "ruthless" about that, and Ms. Thorp's comments call into question her objectivity as a journalist and media commentator. Based on this article, it was the HI management who had a conniption fit and wrecked the company for the sole purpose of keeping it out of the hands of a guy they didn't like. Trump didn't sell the company, didn't take it into debt, didn't sell off its assets, didn't fire or lay off a single person. HI management did that. But thanks for reminding me why I quit subscribing to Memphis Magazine years ago.

Curt S. more than 1 year ago

What was is Not what is

I don't really give a damn what happened 30, 40, 50 years ago or even yesterday! What matters is America's future. Politicians have done nothing but corrupt the good of America. They line their pockets, lie, basically steal and continue to tear down the family ties and corrupt morality. Look at Trump's family. There's a lot of respect and love there for one another and for America. Everyone gets up and goes to work every single day. Trump wants the best for America because he wants his family to continue to succeed and anyone who votes for a politician is a blind fool.

Karen M more than 1 year ago

Thanks for the demo

You're doing a fine job of showing us what a blind fool sounds like.

Kduke more than 1 year ago

Mr. Kemmons Wilson

Many people do not know that after Mr. Wilson left Holiday Inn, he went South to the Orlando area and started a time share resort. Orange Lake Country Club has become the largest time share in the world. Approximately 3000 apartment units. It has amazing facilities and we never feel crowded. Interestingly enough, Orange Lake has a point sharing program with Holiday Inns. A Free Market can be a cruel arena, but you can't keep a good man down.

Walker Uhlhorn more than 1 year ago

Blah blah blah cry baby's

Cry me a river

Dub trump more than 1 year ago

Holiday Inn and Trump

Thanks Donald..I worked at one of the 13 original hotels bought by Bass PLC in 1988 time frame. At that time we became foreign owned, no longer a part of a family owned company known as Holiday Corp/Holday Inn, Inc. and the family was the Kemmons Wilson family. I had a great deal of admiration and respect for Mr. Wilson. I continued to work at that hotel until I transferred to the new corporate office in Atlanta in 1991. After 35 years, my job was eliminated and the office was moved to India..just a few years short of retirement. I had some great years and made some great friends in those 35 years. I don't blame the India office (I'm sure they are happy to have those jobs) and the employees there seemed to be good people. However thanks to Mr. Trump, my company became foreign owned and so many people have lost their jobs over the years. I will not be voting for him but I am still looking for a job in Atlanta. I wonder if he would like to pay my mortgage until I find a job?

Sheri more than 1 year ago

Donald Trump article

This article is mostly B.S. While it's true that HI recapitalized the company to fend off Mr Trump, the decisions after this fell through were Mr Roses. The reason Holiday Inn was sold was that it was deemed tired and the Crowne Plaza brand a misfit (still is) for an upscale chain. Note that the Promus Companies which later became Hilton remained in Memphis which further underscores this was a strategic sale to keep the new brands and sell off the old/secondary brands. I didn't vote for Trump but let's not make up things to further a political agenda.

Penny more than 1 year ago

Political Agenda

Political Agenda? A journalist with a political agenda? Perish the thought!

Next thing you know they may be bringing up stories from nearly 30 years ago and repurposing them as a means of political manipulation.

Travis Beacon more than 1 year ago

Holiday Inn

That isn't the story that I heard about it shutting down. I heard that the people that work with Mr Wilson oust him. They wanted to do a lot more and Mr Wilson said it was too much too fast. They booted him out. They did the changes and it went belly up. The changes was too much to handle at 1 time. Then we heard that Mr Wilson had something elas going some place elas in the US and is doing good.

Mary more than 1 year ago