Memphis Stew February 2015

Chef and showman Shorty Fisher finesses the omelettes, a popular dish at Owen Brennan’s renowned Sunday brunch.

Photos by Justin Fox Burks

Brunch fans who flock to Owen Brennan’s celebrated Sunday buffet can’t miss omelette cook Shorty Fisher. Stationed behind a row of portable burners, he is greeter, performer, and chef, serving special... more

Feb 28, 2015 5:38 PM Dining Out

The Seafood Potato Nest pairs a charming presentation with vegetable and seafood stir-fry. Siblings Kimberly Lam and Victor Bach, pictured below, along with brother Bernard Bach, helped out Saturday night at Lotus, their parents’ restaurant on Summer...

Pamela Denney

Feeling glum from the winter weather? Here’s an upbeat and delicious antidote: Head to Lotus Vietnamese Restaurant to celebrate the Year of the Goat with a special New Year’s menu. Served through S... more

Feb 21, 2015 6:40 PM Dining Out

Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman, center, with the staff at their new restaurant and butcher shop  called Porcellino’s. Small plates from Porcellino’s are pictured below.

Photos by Justin Fox Burks

Memphis Chefs Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer are in the running for the prestigious 2015 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Southeast. The James Beard Foundation announced a list of semi-finalists ... more

Feb 18, 2015 11:15 PM Dining Out


Justin Fox Burks

If you’re anything like us, you may be feeling way behind when it comes to dealing with Valentine’s Day this year. Love the hearts, love the explosion of pink and red everywhere, love all of the focus... more

Feb 13, 2015 12:42 AM Dining Out

Wow. Normally I am never at a loss for words, but a simple interjection was all I could muster when I pushed open the glass doors into the new cocktail lounge at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, par... more

Feb 7, 2015 6:27 PM Dining Out

Robust and satisfying, Napa’s dry-aged porterhouse chop is served with roasted Granny Smith apple sauce, apple ginger demi-glace, and smoked bacon and blue cheese mashed potatoes. Owner Glenda Hastings, managing partner Rusty Prudhon, and Chef Ken Lu...

Photos by Justin Fox Burks

So what exactly is this Japanese pumpkin plated as a salad with goat cheese, crushed pistachios, and roasted beets, sliced into half-moons the color of Cabernet? Do I eat the ring inside the pumpkin’s... more

Feb 6, 2015 7:34 PM Dining Out

After stopping by Joe’s Wines & Liquor to buy Passport to Oregon tickets (can’t wait!), I checked out the digital growler station at the back of the store. With a big-screen color menu for 30 differen... more

Feb 1, 2015 6:11 PM Dining Out