Change — in our homes or in ourselves — can be good. But keep it in perspective. more

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You live and you learn when you own a backyard water feature. more

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Making the grade while buying a house. more

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Memphis Tile and Marble more

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Ellendale Electric more

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Garland Sullivan Company more

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Precision Air Conditioning and Heating more

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I’m 30 now, but I haven’t yet reached the point of homeownership. It may be that I’m noncommittal, or that I’m not quite ready to officially root myself in one place and tackle the financial burden... more

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Here's some neighborly advice. more

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Jones Brothers Tree & Landscape more

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Kelly English's new restaurant The Second Line is one of nine new hot spots featured on the Eater heat map for Memphis.

Justin Fox Burkes

For food writers, selecting favorite restaurants is tricky business. Inevitably, deserving contenders get overlooked. At Memphis magazine, we shift the responsibility for selecting best restaur... more

Jan 31, 2014 5:04 PM Dining Out

Not historically correct by any means, but still a good place to eat and drink. more

Jan 27, 2014 1:54 PM Ask Vance

Mushroom meat, made with roasted eggplant, mushrooms and onions, is a versatile and healthy ingredient for tacos, tamales, and sauce.

Justin Fox Burkes

By the end of January, most of us need a little help sticking with our New Year’s resolutions to eat more vegetables. Happily, Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence, the duo behind the Chubby Vegetaria... more

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I didn’t have a beard, a cap molded to my head, or an index finger tucked around an empty growler (and I’m way past 30-something), but I still felt right at home at The Growler in Cooper-Young wher... more

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The new Whole Foods Market in East Memphis isn’t simply a bigger and better version of the original market formerly located next door. It is an entirely new take for Memphis on how grocery shopping... more

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Memphis magazine will accept stories for its annual fiction contest through February 15th. (The original deadline was February 1st.) Below are contest guidelines: Authors must live within 1... more

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More than 300 supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and a dozen of the ciy's leading chefs gathered November 17, 2013, near the hospital's colorufl vegetable gardens for the St. Jude ... more

Jan 16, 2014 1:33 PM

I love dinner parties. Nothing is more magical to me than the gathering of friends who are like family and setting the scene, planning the menu, and dressing for the event. It’s styling on a whole ... more

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The most anticipated new restaurant of the year. more

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Touring the beautiful coastal areas north and south of Ponte Vedra. more

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