Ask Vance November 2011

Here's the old Lakeland train as it looks today.


Most readers of this column probably remember Lakeland, the "fun for the whole family" amusement park that operated in the 1960s and '70s just east of Memphis, along Canada Road. Developed by Louis... more

Nov 30, 2011 9:12 PM Ask Vance

In the 1960s, a peculiar craze for Polynesian-themed restaurants swept across America. I'm not really sure what prompted it, but overnight just about every city had converted a rather basic eatery ... more

Nov 29, 2011 3:50 PM Ask Vance

From 1929 until it closed in 1966, the place to be in Memphis was 1579 Union. A drive-in with the curious name of Pig ‘n Whistle lured Elvis Presley, Dewey Phillips, and thousands of teenagers to i... more

Nov 18, 2011 10:19 AM Ask Vance 1 Comments

Mention Rainbow Lake to longtime Memphians and they may recall the huge swimming pool and the massive roller-skating rink that was part of the complex at 2879 Lamar. But another memorable feature w... more

Nov 7, 2011 1:52 PM Ask Vance

Pardon me if this seems arrogant, but sometimes I like to think I’m quite a detective when it comes to solving interesting old mysteries. But way back when, Memphis had a real detective in town, a ... more

Nov 3, 2011 11:07 AM Ask Vance