The Black South Slays in "Formation"

Rhodes professor Zandria F. Robinson weighs in on Beyoncé’s new video.


Eileen Townsend covers arts and culture for Memphis magazine. She has written about street racing, urban exploring and outsider art for the magazine, and writes a regular art column for the Memphis Flyer. She tweets at @eileen_townsend.

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Is this an anthem?

In the official video Beyonce sings, "When he F*** me good I take his ass to Red Lobster." Yea, that's what young girls should be listening to, especially in a city where infant mortality rivals third world countries

Cindy Hazen 346 days ago

Yeah but

...Beyoncé is married. She can't talk about sex?

Kevin Lipe 345 days ago

Just to be clear

There is no research that supports a direct tie between Red Lobster, a delicious seafood eatery, and infant mortality.

Eileen Townsend 345 days ago




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