Stand for a Statue: Larry Finch

Proposing a new statue discussion, one advocating the proper tribute to a Memphis legend.


Frank Murtaugh

Frank Murtaugh has been with Memphis magazine since 1992 and managing editor since 1995. Frank also covers sports for The Memphis Flyer, for whom he writes a weekly web column (“From My Seat”) and covers University of Memphis sports.

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Larry Finch Sculpture

Hey Frank, Great article! As a co-founder of the Coliseum Coalition and current director of Legacy Memphis (we are creating and placing the Johnny Cash bronze statue in Cooper-Young this summer), I couldn't agree more that a statue of Finch in Memphis would be wonderful, but sensible locations of sculpture are key to the enjoyment of tourists and local alike. A Finch statue makes the most sense at a newly re-opened Mid-South Coliseum and would provide a historic destination for the "house that Larry built". If the Coliseum were a satellite location for the Grizzlies and a home to the Lady Tigers, then all the more reason to learn of Finch's legacy in a Coliseum Museum that explains all aspects of Memphis sports history. A Finch statue at the Mid-South Coliseum could help insure the buildings reinvention. Every neighborhood has a hero, and Finch rose to fame at the Mid-South Coliseum, a mere 'three pointer' or so from his home in nearby Orange Mound. Mike McCarthy, Midtown.

Mike McCarthy 17 days ago