Etiquette for Visiting Cooper-Young

Coming to C-Y this weekend? Mind your manners.



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Well said

As a long-time resident of Midtown, I appreciate the common sense, tongue-in-cheek suggestions here. People reacting negatively are being overly sensitive. Welcome to the neighborhood, Joshua. Keep up the entertaining observations.

DesignGirl more than 1 year ago


I cannot believe this article exists. What kind of snob are you? This is exactly why I can't live in midtown anymore. It has been taken over by elitist hipsters.

Austin Smith more than 1 year ago


Actually i agree with pretty much everything in this article. And unlike Joshua I've lived in the neighborhood for a decade. I would also add please remember bike lanes are just that. They are not parallel parking spaces. It get really hard to drive down Cooper from Young to Walker when people don't pay attention to no parking signs.

Alexandra more than 1 year ago


Merely imagining an article of this caliber being published in this respectable magazine, online or in print, is a true feat. I lie awake at night and envision some pretty interesting things, but the pure ignorance of this piece far exceeds my boundaries as a true freak. The headline reads : "Priveleged Bartlett boy mad no one treats the city like the suburbs." Mind your manners? Sweetheart, invest your efforts in a varied plethora of other meaningless endeavors in an attempt at journalism, but leave critique on a neighborhood you've admittedly lived in three months out of your oeuvre. Journalism degrees clearly come to youth like adderall prescriptions. That being said, are ya'll hiring?

Douglass more than 1 year ago