Across the Water

New views of Big River Crossing entice before its October open.



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Big River Crossing

I don't like the use of the word "porn" to describe something attractive or exciting. There is nothing exciting or attractive about pornography. Porn is exploitive and degrading to the subjects, many of whom are sex slaves trafficked from eastern European countries or southeast Asia. Please don't use the word "porn" to describe something as exciting and unique as the BRX. I consider it to be beautiful and exciting and transformative for our community. I certainly do not consider it to be "porn."

William Webb more than 1 year ago


Some less prudish people enjoy their porn and if you are afraid of it then you may want to retire yourself to a library instead of the internet.

Internet Police more than 1 year ago

perhaps not prudish

Those opposed to porn are not necessarily prudish. Porn use is increasingly associated with sexual dysfunction and marital problems.

anon more than 1 year ago


not the amateurs!!

Harold Trumpett more than 1 year ago