Super Powers

Twenty years later, a Memphis football hero relishes the Tigers’ biggest upset.


Frank Murtaugh

Frank Murtaugh has been with Memphis magazine since 1992 and managing editor since 1995. Frank also covers sports for The Memphis Flyer, for whom he writes a weekly web column (“From My Seat”) and covers University of Memphis sports.

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Memphis only won because of official's mistake

It is kind of silly to discuss the kickoff return without mentioning the returner was tackled on the play and the official blew the call. That if the reason the play received an award.

In fact, this youtube video shows the error clearly.

Simply look at 1:32.

The ironic thing is though Memphis won on an official's error in 1996, they lost games to Tennessee in later years when they did deserve to win.

And Memphis would probably beat Tennessee by at least two touchdowns if they played right now.

Charles Bradshaw 361 days ago