The Paxton Gas Station Mystery

Where was this old gas station located in Memphis?




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Paxton Gas Station maybe,,,

It looks like either the gas station on McLean @ Faxon avenue by Snowden school OR the ESSO station at Jackson/Watkins which was owned by Mr. Sheffield across from the old Topps Barbecue there on the corner..

David Richardson 164 days ago

Paxton Gas Station Mystery

Could be another Memphis:

William Webb more than 1 year ago


That looks like a 1947 Ford with a 1951 Chevy in the background. There was a Paxton Esso in Sheridan, Arkansas in the 1950's.

d3ei more than 1 year ago


Check the make/model of the car in detail--I'm no car buff, but it looks like it could be from the late '40's. Obviously, if it is later that rules out the '40's!

Ed Riddick more than 1 year ago


I think the sign says "Bob Paxton." And as Peter points out, it's a five digit phone number which might help date the picture. It's fuzzy when I enlarge it but I think the first two numbers are "34."

Dwayne Byrd more than 1 year ago


I don't know where it is, but it is a brand new station as evidenced by the man on the ladder installing the awning. if I had my super secret digital enhancement feature on my computer still we would see that on the awning it reads "AV ? Paxton" "ESSO Autorized Dealer" "Phone ?? ????" that's all I Gots

Peter Wertz more than 1 year ago


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