Remembering Al Fister (1930-2017) and Al's Golfdom

Al's Golfdom was the place to go if you were a Memphis teenager in the 1960s and 1970s.




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Wonder boss and person

Mr. Fister was a wonderful person and a caring boss. I worked at Al's Golfdom the summer of 1967 at the age of 16. A great working experience for a teenager in the 60's. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Fister. For everything.

Stephen Tucker 214 days ago

Al's Golfhaven

M. Bowen is correct. Al's Golfhaven opened in the 60s when I was a kid--I grew up in Whitehaven--and I spent a lot of time at there. Took my young kids there in the 90s to play miniature golf just so I could share with them something I did at their age. The Fisters were a great family.

Gary Whalen 216 days ago

Wrong date

Golfhaven did not open until the 80's. The one on Perkins was opened in the early 60's. I lived a mile from there.

Keith Gaylord 216 days ago

Al's Golfhaven

Loved that place. One note: the one on Raines Road opened in the 60s. Spent my childhood there. Rode my bike there often, stayed for hours! A Whitehaven landmark

M. Bowen 216 days ago

Al's Golfhaven

This was my first real job and I contribute a large part of who I am and my success today because of Al. He had a great work ethic, was hard but fair, very generous and a great role model. I worked at Al's on Raines road and the Christmas tree lot on Perkins, as well as odd jobs around his house. I have really great memories of that place, we all had so much fun working there. Thanks Al! And remember kids - always tuck in your shirt and have a belt on :) Shawn Gressel

shawn gressel 216 days ago


Did he own a cabin by Arkabutla lake or build one? . I bought a house and it has the same color paint on some of the wood.

Tony Cooper 216 days ago

Al's Golfhaven

A Big Thank You goes out to you from my mom and the family! I just showed my mom your article on Facebook about dad and she was so thankful to you!! Thanks for taking the time to remember my dad!! We really appreciate your kindness!!

Valerie Lindley 217 days ago

Rest In Peace, Mr Al

Val, So sorry to hear about Mr Al. He truly played a large part in making me a successful he did with many other teenagers! Brister Shum

Brister Shum 216 days ago


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