Ask Vance: J.B. Hunter

Our trivia expert solves a mystery involving two of our own dedicated department store employees.



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JBHunter east 2nd floor sporting goods dept

I sold major appliances on the 2nd floor from 1972 to '74. Sporting goods did sell fire arms. In '73 I bought a Remington 1100 12 Gauge. I don't remember if they sold ammo or not, but I don't believe they did.

Troy Thomason 10 days ago

J.B. Hunter Poplar

The husband of an out-of-town friend (said friend also worked at JBH) saw this article while in a Dr's office here and sent me a picture of it. I looked up the article, read it and was instantly taken back in time! I knew both Mikes and several of the employees mentioned. I can't tell you how honored and tickled I was to see my name among those! I'll never forget those days as a cashier and refunds/giftwrap/layaway clerk: the Muzak, the cash registers with the punch-out "computer" tape below, and yes, the "Filth and Scum" restaurant. I recall seeing Lance Russell and Dick Hawley shopping there.

Sharon M 11 days ago


I wonder if the person asking the question was referring to the women's boutique store that was on that property BEFORE J. B. Hunter was built there? I recall a small store in a converted residence on that site in the 60s. I believe it was called something like Poise'n Ivy and if my memory serves, it sat alone in the middle of a large piece of oddly (considering it was on Poplar Avenue right across from Chickasaw Gardens) undeveloped land.

Midtown Beverly 30 days ago

J B Hunter Poplar

By the time I worked there in 1972-73, it was not upscale at all. I worked for security watching over the women's fitting rooms. I doubt that my major at MSU at the time -- anthropology -- had anything to do with that assignment.

Bev C 37 days ago

JB Hunter - Whitehaven

Admittedly I haven't been inside the building since sometimes before July 1976 (when I was 10), but I was sure that the Whitehaven store had a second floor as well where the toy department was. (At the age of 10 it was my job to know these things about toy departments, you know.) Those opposing corners of Raines Rd provided amazing shopping experiences in the early '70's. We were at one store or another every weekend.

Dr. Todd 37 days ago

JB Hunter - Whitehaven

No second floor in the Whitehaven store. I worked there from 1973 to 1975. The toy department was at the rear of the store near the garden shop. There was a second story in the stock rooms surrounding the open sales floor with observation windows used by security.

Nightman 29 days ago

JB Hunter - Whitehaven

Well, there it is. Must have gotten confused with the Poplar store.

Dr. Todd 21 days ago


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