Lost Memphis: Hungry Fisherman

A pair of nautical-themed restaurants were some of the most popular eateries in town.

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My favorite job!!!

I started working at Store #360 at Shelby Oaks and Sycamore View in Memphis in 1984 when I was 16 and it was the most fun I have ever had on a job, maybe other than being a police officer here in Memphis for the past 19 years. I started as a busboy and worked my way up to Associate Manager before leaving in 1991. I made lifelong friends I still have and had a blast. Royce was also the General Manager when I started and I remember Geneva Land, she was such a hard worker and a very sweet lady and a great waitress. Would love to find a way to have a reunion sometime soon for anyone who worked at this location.

George Cave 44 days ago

Why the catfish were so big

It was because all those kids were sneaking the shrimp out to that back deck along with the hush puppies man they were good

Gordon 212 days ago

No wonder...

My wife & I went to the S'haven HF in 1991 with an old professor from Atlanta. After waiting for at least a half hour for our food to arrive, the old prof sighed, "No wonder they call it the HUNGRY Fisherman."

Chip Hatcher 213 days ago

Evening Wonders

I remember going with my uncles,aunts and grandparents and eating great food. Afterwards we would go to that indoor gameplace that also had the mimi go carts racing. That was always an awesome time we all enjoyed.

James Beltz 214 days ago

Fan base reached well beyond Memphis

We lived in Jackson, TN and always stopped by the Sycamore View location to eat - although I was a child at that time, I well remember the food was always wonderful. Of course, the lake was great, too. My question is why did they close? Surely it was not because business dropped off. I ate at both of them and they always had a great crowd. I so wish Shoney's would re-visit the idea - perhaps a flagship store in the Nashville area closer to me!

Nancy Phillips 214 days ago

The Fish Shack

Does anybody remember a place called the Fish Shack? I believe it was a similar restaurant somewhere in Whitehaven in the late 60's.

Jay Good 214 days ago

That's IT!

My family and I ate at the one in Southaven once when I was about 4 or 5. I remember playing and just thinking it was the greatest place on earth. Years later when they started building up that part of town I asked my mother what the name of that place was and she said she didn't remember anything being there at all. I never could figure out where it was. It's a shame it's gone now.

Funnily enough, I ended up working with one of the former owners of Mardi Gras years later.

Kaye Steen 246 days ago

Fish restaurant

There is a place called H T Ponder's on Nail Road in the Horn Lake area. They have a pretty good buffet. Haven't been there in a few years. 1815 Nail Rd, Horn Lake, MS 38637. (662) 342-6727

S Risher 213 days ago

Best Restaurant Chain I Worked For

I was fortunate in that I got to be General Manager at both locations, and later became their District Manager. We always had a great staff at both locations with a motto of fun, food, and excitement. Few people know that John Grisham was a regular at Horn Lake while writing his first book and serving as the president of the local Rotary Club. It is great to see Royce saw this article and posted to it.

Thomas Sheaffer 267 days ago


I worked at the corporate offices on Lamar in the 70's .- what happened to the business there were about 120 stores when I worked there.

Joann Sealy 213 days ago

Such great memories, indeed!

Loved this place, Sycamore View location, as a kid, and as a young adult.

Mary Jones 282 days ago

Such great memories!

My family used to go the Hungry Fisherman on Munson Rd. when I was a kid. I LOVED it! I liked all the nautical decorations and model boats. I felt like I was on a boat, and I remember the food was good too. I think it was the first salad bar I ever experienced. Thanks for the memories!

William Webb 301 days ago

My dad was a "Secret Shopper" for The Hungry Fisherman

We got to go to The Hungry Fisherman twice a month n the early 1980's because my dad was a secret shopper, and because The Hungry Fisherman was picking up the tab I got to order anything I wanted. Anything! So, yeah I was the 8 year old kid quizzing the waiter about where the lobster came from and asking why they put parsley sprigs on the plate if you weren't supposed to eat them. So fun! I loved it because we always got the royal treatment. I'm pretty sure my dad told the servers about our secret mission. There's no other explanation for the top notch treatment and free paddle boat rides. Good memories!

Justin Fox Burks 302 days ago

Fishing Rodeo

Loved that place. Every year they hosted a fishing rodeo for kids. Maybe because we were just kids, the catfish we caught seemed huge back. We always finished the day of fishing by eating in the restaurant. Very good memories!

Michael Priest 308 days ago

The playground.

We loved Hungry Fisherman. After dinner the kids would always play on the playground, had a ball!

Connie Barbee 308 days ago

There were THREE!!

There were THREE. The 3rd one was on Winchester. (Only one on land). I helped to convert it to Denim & Diamonds. I also helped make the one in Southaven into a club called Silverado's. It then became Hot Shots before it became the mall.

Richard B. Flurry 309 days ago

That was a Shoneys.

No third one there. That was a Shoneys location thst was later converted to Denim and Diamonds.

Gregor 214 days ago

My favorite

Went there for my birthday every year! Sure wish it was still there!

Lori 309 days ago

Great Mystery

She Crab Soup .... how could they tell ?

Melissa 309 days ago

She crab soup

She crab is cream based, he crab is tomato based

Cindy Lutz 309 days ago

I worked there

I worked at the one in Southaven from about 1983 to 1988. I started out operating the paddle boat rides, then became a hostess and, finally a waitress. I loved the folks I worked with there. We did have a lot of fun. So did the customers. Feeding the large catfish in the pond was fun for the kids and adults.

Janet Whitehead Jones 309 days ago

First date

My husband and I went on our first date here 31 years ago and loved it The one on Goodman road

Ann pierson 309 days ago

Hungry Fisherman

I lived in Southaven back when Bullfrog corner was just a swamp and Hungry Fisherman was a favorite! They had a lemon soft serve ice cream which was perfect after seafood. :)

Violet 310 days ago

My a first Job

My first job was here, the one off Sycamore back in the day.... My manager was Royce, and surrounded by awesome people.. Must have been 1981. I still remember the very late nights after closing, maybe around 4:20am, chilling and skinny dipping with waitresses....

Jim 310 days ago

Jim, i hope I was one of those "awesome" people. - Royce Harmon

Jim, i hope I was one of those "awesome" people. - Royce Harmon

Royce Harmon 310 days ago

Royce Harmon

He was talking about me, Shannon Becton!!

Shannon 309 days ago

Royce Harmon

Good Lord, It has been many, many years. First job I ever worked. My mom got we the job there. She opened that store. Met my first wife there. Lots of great memories of great people. Dad passed about 4 years ago and Mom (Geneva Land) lives with me and my family in South Florida. Glad to see folks are still around.

Tim Land 214 days ago

My a first Job

I worked there too. Mark was my supervisor. We use to climb on the roof after closing and drink beer.

Suzanne Sanders Creely 309 days ago

Hold up

Neon moon was under 40 on the right.
Silverado was in Ms. Off Goodman rd.

Bp 310 days ago

Hungry Fisherman in Southaven

It was several things before being torn down. The Silverado, Then an 80's themed bar, not sure but I think it was Checkers, then finally I think it was an antiques store. I happened to walk in to Jerry Lee Lewis' birthday party one evening during the Silverado....Since it was a private thing, I was allowed to finish my beer before I had to leave, lol...

Ronnie Harris 310 days ago


The MS Hungry Fisherman did become a country bar, but it was not Neon Moon. It was called Silverado.

Jennifer 310 days ago

Mike is right ...

The MS Hungry Fisherman became Neon Moon after Spurs burned down.

S 310 days ago

Hungry Fisherman

Great memories! Knoxville had a Hungry Fisherman in the Bearden area, off Northshore Drive in a business park. It was still there a few years ago, being used as an office facility, I believe.

Brett Moffatt 310 days ago

Absolutely not...

Hungry Fisherman became Neon Moon.

Mike 310 days ago

Neon Moon!

Yes...Was Neon Moon!!! I went all the time!! Met my husband to be there..now ex.
Was a great time!!

Lisa Richardson-Easton 309 days ago


Neon moon is in the parking lot of tops BBQ and bass pro shops at shelby crossing

Crissy 310 days ago

ummm nope

that's Electric Cowboy

Daina 310 days ago

you forgot

neon moon!

Michael 310 days ago

whoa--that yanks me back about 42 years...

My favorite place in the world to eat when I was a little kid. Maybe 1972-1977 or so. Thanks.

Phillip Reid 310 days ago


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