Lost Memphis: Fortune's Belvedere

Harold Fortune was an entrepreneur, responsible for drive-ins and ice-cream parlors that are fondly remembered to this day.




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Jungle Gardens

While at Memphis State in the 50s, this was a popular spot with all my friends.

David C. Brandon 53 days ago

Didn't the Boll burn?

I thought the Cotton Boll on E. Parkway burned. And then, there was a fairly short-lived version of it somewhere closer in--off Madison, perhaps... But that was in the 60s, and, well, I was engaged in memory-numbing activities then...

Festus Christian 335 days ago

I agree

I remember being taken to Fortune's Jungle Garden, where they had the BEST club sandwich on earth, as a child in the late 50s, and the parking lot was full of lush greenery that looked like it had been there forever then, so I agree with the person who says it couldn't have opened in the 60s.

Midtown girl 337 days ago

Date of Fortune's Jungle Garden

Surely the Jungle Garden opened in the 1920s rather than the 1960s, as paragraph 4 implies . It closed in the 1960s, in 1966, right?

SHELTON 342 days ago


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