An Early Photograph of Wink Martindale Hosting "Dance Party"

Longtime TV personality Wink Martindale got his start in show business by hosting shows in Memphis.




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Wink martindale's dance party

Anyone else have any film or photos from that show.? I graduated Central High in 1961 and was on the show with Bill Gossett and won the dance contest . Would love to get a photo if anyone has one.

Marilyn Hawke (Melfi) 146 days ago

Dance Party

I am standing on the front row next to the juke box on the left side. My partner (Randy Downey) and I won that day. I was in the graduating class of 1959 at Frayser High School. My name then was Phyllis Callicott.

Phyllis Callicott Sheehy more than 1 year ago

Minor typo...

The game show he hosted was spelled "Tic TAC Dough."

Steve Hill more than 1 year ago

Dance Party --

This is Frayer High School,Class of 59 or 60..My late husband Ronnie Rosic is on the front row between the girl with the "F " on her sweater and the girl in the vest ..

Joyce Rosic-Smith more than 1 year ago

Wink Martindale

Wink was from my home town Jackson TN. I ran away too, the big city.

David E johnson more than 1 year ago

Wink's replacement-----

Wink's replacement was Ron Maroni who then was later replaced by George Klein. My name is Ken Stiverson from Central High School, and I appeared with my cousin Gerry Heart Klenke for three shows of "Dance Party." She attended Frasier High and need a dance partner, so I agreed. Our first program was with Wink and the last two were with Ron. We won all three dance contests for the shows, but we had both taken dancing lessions. Ron Maroni was later involved in scandal and left Memphis. I called WHBQ and tried to get the old films of the programs, but was told they were all destroyed after the station was bought by another company.

Kenneth N. Stiverson more than 1 year ago


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